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Inspiring people to make healthier choices while creating time & financial flexibility 

About Us

Our team mission is to help people create a life of choices and flexibility with inspiring solutions for more health, beauty, wellbeing and financial options.


Our community values and appreciates one another, inspires and helps people become their best, while having fun and creating the lives they love! 

Living on Purpose VP Team


Kathleen McGraw

Arbonne Independent Consultant

Executive Regional Vice President


"I help women create, maintain & protect their overall well-being:
mind, body & bank account!"

Less than 2% of AICs achieve this title.  Typical earnings can be found at

I had an amazing career as a trial lawyer, and loved the challenges!  From the outside, it looked like I had it all:  married with 3 beautiful children under the age of 7, a successful law practice and a dream home on a lake. Inside, I was a wreck.  I often worked 70+ hours a week.  I couldn’t work any more hours but I needed to find more money.  I was often the only source of income for our family.  We were drowning in debt. I was embarrassed. I lived in constant fear… if something happened to me, my income would stop. What would happen to my children?!


After my 3rd child was born, I started to really dig deep into ingredients… and I was shocked. Before that, I just trusted that if I paid higher prices, that I was getting the best and that it was good for me. Around that time, a nutritionist shared Arbonne, explaining that they banned over 1400 ingredients in their products! I became obsessed and immediately swapped all of our products to this “new” brand. It boggled my mind that I could spend LESS for something HEALTHIER… and something that actually gave me BETTER RESULTS!


When I learned I could build a business with these products, I wondered if I could make some money to pay off some debt. But I was afraid of what people would think and I had no idea how I’d even fit this in my life. That was in 1997 before internet shopping… the experts said internet business was on the way… and it was obvious this business could easily follow that trend. I finally felt HOPE for a more secure life. I just shared what I learned with friends and I loved it… people craved healthier, more holistic products!


It wasn’t easy… but it is SO worth it. I’m surrounded by positive, uplifting people – people with a passion and a purpose for making the world a better place. This business model is brilliant!  It gives me flexibility I need and the best part is that I can “will” my business to my family! I love that I can build this business anywhere from my cellphone… simply by sharing & selling products that people use everyday, and teaching my team to do the same. I get to pursue my passions in life AND leave a legacy for my children and my grandchildren.


My mission is to empower others to help them create a life with choices too. Together we create a life of impact & purpose. We are living the life we are meant to live. Living on Purpose.



Beth LeBlanc

Arbonne Independent Consultant

Regional Vice President


"I have been blessed with these incredible products and business for the last 20 years."

Less than 2% of AICs achieve this title.  Typical earnings can be found


I was that girl who was told to go to school and get an education so I could get a job. That’s exactly what I did but after working hard for someone else in corporate America, I decided I wanted more flexibility, more income and more time freedom.      

When I was introduced to Arbonne through my sister. I had no intentions of pursuing it as a business but I fell in love with the products.  Having a son with severe skin conditions made me realize the importance of using quality ingredients.  Not only did these products make a difference in our skin and overall health but when I realized the income potential and what it could offer my family, I couldn't resist jumping in. All I wanted was to earn some extra money to help put my boys through college. They were 14 and 16 when I started Arbonne and I knew other than working more hours at my corporate job that this could create the income I was looking for. I’m proud to say that my boys graduated from college debt free.  

I love sharing the Arbonne products and our brilliant business model with others and I’m so blessed to have an incredible, successful team where we can all make a difference in people's lives.   Never say never, because I said NO to this business several times but believe me, God sometimes has bigger plans for you.   Follow your heart and believe in yourself because opportunities are waiting for YOU! 

Ann Marie Goidosik

Arbonne Independent Consultant

Regional Vice President


"I am a wife, a mom and a business owner."

Less than 2% of AICs achieve this title.  Typical earnings can be found at


My name is Ann Marie Goidosik and I’m an Independent Consultant and Regional Vice President with Arbonne. I am also a wife and a mom to two little girls, Madelyn and Maci. I own a Fitness Franchise called Pure Barre and a Pilates studio, both of which I’ve  owed and operated since 2010. I fell in love with Arbonne’s Ingredient Policy and products back in 2003 and and immediately knew this was the perfect company for me to join as an additional stream of income.


Arbonne aligns perfectly with my passion for health and wellness. I love that there is a team system in place for me to follow for success, but what I love even more, is the flexibility of this business because of the Direct Sales model and being able to work it around my busy life. It allows me to grow an organization of clients and other consultants all working together to use and share these incredible products with people but also for us to make an impact while making an impact in people’s lives.

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